Online Spoken English course from Inzpira is a complete Spoken English Online Training program which covers all the concepts of grammar and pronunciation through stories and real-life examples.

It includes practice activities and assignments after every video which will be assessed by our trainers. Video conferencing facilities with our trainers are also available to improve communication skills.

Additional benefits:

1) Lifetime access
2)Course Completion Certificate(Soft Copy)

This Online Spoken English course from Inzpira helps you master the English language as we take you through various grammatical concepts from basics to advanced in a fun-filled manner.

This is a video only course. You can learn English by watching our videos.

Apart from the additional benefits such:

1) Lifetime access
2)Course Completion Certificate(Soft Copy)

Course Curriculum

Course Overview FREE 00:10:00
Sounds of Alphabets-Part 1 01:00:00
Sounds of Alphabets-Part 2 01:00:00
ASG – 1 10, 00:00
Meet articles – a,an & the 01:00:00
ASG – 2 10, 00:00
Tenses – Part 1 00:00:00
ASG – 3 10, 00:00
Tenses – Part 2 00:00:00
Do, does and did
Introduction to Do, does and did 00:00:00
ASG – 4 10, 00:00
Prepositions – Part 1 00:00:00
Prepositions – Part 2 00:00:00
ASG – 5 10, 00:00
Has, have and had
Has, have, had – basics 00:00:00
Sentence Construction
Sentence Construction 00:00:00
Recap Video 00:00:00
Should , Would and Could
Introduction to Should, Would and Could 00:00:00
Should. Will and Shall
Introduction to Should. Will and Shall 00:00:00
May , Might and Must
Introduction to May, Might and Must 00:00:00
During, While and When
Usage of During, While and When 00:00:00
Has, have, had - Advanced
Advanced usage of Has, Have and Had 00:00:00
Recap Video 00:00:00

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